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Looking for a Kraftmaid cabinets? Here are some Tips on Buying, Installing and Cleaning KraftMaid Cabinets...

Now on to the specifics of KraftMaid cabinets. Here are some fast facts:

KraftMaid has been in business for decades providing high quality cabinets for both remodeled and newly-built homes. They offer cabinets made for offices, kitchens and bathrooms. These also come in various colors and styles. What’s really great about the company in an environment-conscious perspective is that they build their cabinets using nature-friendly manufacturing practices that aim to reduce the waste caused by home remodeling and design.

KraftMaid cabinets are built from actual wood such as hickory, birch, oak, maple or cherry. Often, Thermofoil is applied to the surfaces of the wood. Stains of varying hues are also used on the wood to give it a better overall appearance and feel. The finishing touches on the cabinets vary as well. There are a lot of colors and stains to choose from. They can come in green, black, brown or white.

The cabinets can also be easily upgraded in many ways. Glass inserts, crown moldings at the top, decorative feet, pulls and handles and lighting can be added for both practical and decorative purposes.

Installing KraftMaid cabinets.

To properly install a KraftMaid cabinet, you need an electric drill, a level, masking tape, a measuring tape and some wooden shims. When you have these, follow the following steps:

1)      Set the cabinet up on the portion of the floor where you want it to sit.

2)      Using the masking tape, mark out the layout of the cabinet. Write labels on the masking tape identifying measurements and other details.

3)      It is best that you disengage the doors as well as the drawers of the cabinet so you can easily work on it’s  interior sections. You can easily clamp them all together this way.

4)      Using the level, determine if the floor is slanted in any way so that you can peform the installation process accordingly. You can use wooden shims to help level the cabinets.

5)      Above the cabinets, mark with chalk or tape the wall studs to guide you where to drill later.

6)      Inside the cabinet is a mounting rail. Drill a hole through it, all the way through the cabinet towards the wooden studs. Included in the cabinet there will be screws. Use them to set the cabinet in place.

7)      Put back in place the drawers and doors of the cabinets that you removed earlier.

Cleaning KraftMaid cabinets.

To be able to thoroughly clean a KraftMaid cabinet, you need dish soap, oil soap, water and cleaning rags or towels. Wipe the cabinet surfaces with a damp cloth sprinkled with dish soap. Let the cabinets dry then wipe then again with a damp cloth only this time with oil sap applied on it. After the cabinet dries by itself it will look much better after being cleaned with the oil sap, then if you would have done it without.

You can also be more thorough by performing the same process on the inside drawers and other inside parts of the cabinets at least once in every 6 months.

Please note: as the article says it is important that you apply the solvents to the cleaning cloth instead of directly to the cabinet itself. Don’t leave the solvent-dampened cloth on the cabinet for too long either, as this can cause staining and other damage on it.

Please note that although we love their cabinets, this site is not officially associated with the company called Kraftmaid.

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